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Stock Tank Cozy Development

Our design needs more work! Still getting unacceptable amount of ice... Looks like this product will come online September 2010...

We are working hard to bring the stock tank cozy to you at a reasonable cost. Development of a top and wrap that will help solve this terrible winter nightmare is continuing. We have the top designed and are currently looking into the best most economical way possible to insulate the bottom. We are really trying to get this product to you by mid January 2010.


0 Degrees F Test Cozy VS Uninsulated Bucket

Here is the data from the test last night! It was 0 degrees F here last night. The uninsulated bucket (red line) started with 64.5 degree water and the bucket with the cozy (green line) started with 62.6 degree water. The blue line is the outside temperature. At approximately 1:30 AM the uninsulted bucket froze over. At approximately 5:15 AM the bucket with the cozy froze over. Not bad for 0 degrees and outside! Always remember to add hot water to your bucket! The warmer the water starts out the longer it will be avaiable to your horse!0 Degree Night Cozy VS No Cozy


New Data Acquisition System Test Tonight!

Finally a little cold weather! Time to test the new data acquisition system! Yeah! Tonight will be the first basic test of the system. Once we make sure it is up and running we can start really testing products and giving you good accurate data! Cheers!