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Stock Tank Cozy Development

Our design needs more work! Still getting unacceptable amount of ice... Looks like this product will come online September 2010...

We are working hard to bring the stock tank cozy to you at a reasonable cost. Development of a top and wrap that will help solve this terrible winter nightmare is continuing. We have the top designed and are currently looking into the best most economical way possible to insulate the bottom. We are really trying to get this product to you by mid January 2010.

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  1. I can hardly wait for a tank insulator. Last year I made one out of cardboard, bubble wrap and contractor weight trash bags. It helped a lot, but it was a pain in the neck to try and save it for the next year. A reusable cozy would be great. If you need a product tester, put me in line!

  2. I’ve thought of making one out of an old horse blanket and the pink foam insulation — seems crazy that rubbermaid can’t develop one — or at least an insulated lid that folds in the middle! Keep me posted!!

  3. I currently have an automatic waterer. However, will be moving to a location where I will be back to stock tanks. I won’t be able to have the tank under cover when I get moved like I did at my last place. Being a wee bit on the lazy side and not being particulary fond of dragging 100 feet or more of rubber hose from the hydrant to the tank, I really like to use my 300 gallon tank. I don’t know if you are planning on one this size, but I also have 50 gallon tanks and would certainly be willing to be a product tester along with Jane.

  4. I’d also like a tank insulator..we use a RubberMaid 100 gallon stock tank. With the electric heater. We’ve seen temps as low as minus 20. I’d also be more than willing to be a product tester. 🙂

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