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Water Bucket & Trough Insulation
Does It Really Work?

Absolutely. In our real-world tests, we placed two water buckets outside in 17- degrees F weather. After 8 hours, the one that was protected with the Cozy had only a thin skimming of ice with plenty of drinkable water, while the unprotected bucket was frozen virtually solid. We guarantee this performance. Check out the Product Testing Blog for exact freezing times on a 0 Degree night.

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Why Use a Cozy


Without COZY

The two results in these pictures were obtained using 5 gallon flat back buckets - one with a cozy, one without. The water initially put in the buckets was 52 degrees. After 8 hours of hanging outside on the fence, in 17 degree weather with a 15 mile an hour wind, the bucket with a cozy had just a bare skimming of ice. Your horse could still drink the water! The one without the cozy had a thick layer of ice. You or your barn staff would need a hammer to break it! In addition the bucket was coated with ice on the inside. You or your barn staff would have to take the time to remove the ice or the new water you add, will be colder and freeze faster. That means more work and /or paid time without the cozy. Day after day this can really add up! Even more importantly your horse or your boarder's horse will have access to water for a much longer time in the cold, when you use the cozy! That reduces the horse's colic risk dramatically! AND gives you a better night's sleep with less worry about you or your border's horse! These results can be acheived without additional electric costs! On colder nights - just add more hot water and your cozy will do the job!

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Customer Testimonials

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I own a 12 stall boarding barn and have been using the bucket cozy for 2 winters.  We have an older barn with many in/out doors that allow drafts to come in.  Since using the cozy we have noticed a huge difference in the amount of ice accumulation.  Only on the coldest of nights will some of the buckets get a thin layer of ice.  The stalls without in/out doors never get ice at all and some of those buckets don't even have the lids on them.  The buckets are still easy to scrub out and keep clean with the lids on.  All of our customers use them and we recommend this product to everyone.
Linda Spengler
Oak Hill Farm, Pepperell MA

Health Tip

Proper water intake is just as important during winter months as it is on the most sweltering summer days. Dehydrated horses face many dangerous problems, including slow digestion and colic. Lack of water can result in expensive veterinary bills or, in severe cases, even death. Plus, studies have shown that horses will drink an average of 40% more water when it's kept warm.

Cozy FAQ

Does the cozy work in sub zero weather?

Yes! The cozy insulates your water from the cold. The lower the temperature is outside the faster the water in your bucket freezes. The cozy provides a barrier keeping your water unfrozen longer. In zero degree weather an insulated bucket may freeze in two hours, with the cozy you can double that time.

How can I increase the time the cozy will keep my water unfrozen?

Use hot water in your bucket! The warmer the water is to begin with, the longer the cozy will be able to keep the warmth in and the ice out!

How do I keep the cozy clean?

The cozy is like your horse´┐Żs outdoor blanket. It is made of the same water resistant fabric. It can be wiped off to clean light dirt. If you need to wash it, you would cold water wash, and hang dry.

Will the cozy work inside the barn, without sunlight to warm it?

Yes! The cozy stops heat loss. The warmer the water is when you put it in the bucket, the longer it will stay warm. It does not use sunlight to heat your water. It slows heat loss from your water keeping it unfrozen longer.

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