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Water Bucket & Trough Insulation: Online Store

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If you use standard water buckets to hydrate your horses or other animals, the Cozy provides an effective, economical solution for insulating your water supply and preventing freezing. Even during the coldest winter months, the Cozy eliminates the need to hammer away at solid ice, saving you considerable time each day.

Freezing Curve at 0 degrees F
Notice how much longer you horse will have water!
(green = with Cozy, red = without)


  • Fits a standard 5-gallon water bucket
  • Made from a durable, water-repellent fabric
  • Wraps snugly around the bucket and secures with a Velcro closure
  • Removable partial top provides additional insulation in even the most frigid temperatures


  • Encourages peak health during cold winter months
  • Saves you hours of time spent breaking ice
  • Reduces electric bills for heated water buckets
  • Durable water-repellent fabric fits standard buckets
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