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Like us on Facebook and enter to win a 20" x 20" portrait of your horse by a professional artist. All you need to provide is your email, your name, your state and have a photo of your horse for the artist when your are selected as the winner. We have commissioned Joanna Charlotte, an excellent accomplished UK artist whose painting are so true to life they are almost photographic! The painting will be oil on linen and will provide you with a beautiful keepsake to treasure always!  Her website is

An oil painting is a beautiful way to capture the image of your horse. A well painted picture can provide you with the expression he has in his eye, the curve of his nose, and all the little things that make him specialto you. Oil paintings will last well longer than a life time. Hopefully it will bring our comfort and memeories for a lifetime

Here are some examples of her work:

Why An Oil Painting?

Painting of a beloved pet has a special place in my heart. I had a dog that was just the best dog you could have. I took some wonderful photos of him. One day my mother chose to do a painting from one of the photos. It was just beautiful. When my dog passed on I was so thankful to have this keepsake of him. It brought him back to me a some small way. And that is what I would like to bring to the winner of this raffle!
The painting by my mother:

How To Enter

First, you must Like Us on Facebook:

Then click the big button at the bottom of your screen "ENTER TO WIN" and follow the instructions.

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